440 NW 11th St. Oklahoma City, OK
440 NW 11th St. Oklahoma City, OK

The Chef

Café do Brasil was founded in 1994, by Ana Davis and her brother Mario Paixao under the name “More than Muffins” and was previously located in the Victoria Building. In 2005 Ana & her husband, Larry Davis, a prominent immigration attorney in the city decided to expand the business and move to the current location at 440 N.W. 11th , opening in Nov. 2005 with an authentic and exquisite Brazilian Menu.

Festival Of The Arts Best Savory Award

Chef Ana travels to Brazil once a year to visit and work with various chefs in many regions within Brazil, to learn and update her culinary skills. She is very involved in the daily activities of the restaurant, making sure that all operations meet her high standards. She was born and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. 


2005 – Alcyr de Souza – Chef/Owner – “The Grill from Ipanema” – Washington DC

2006 – Rick Bayless – Cuisine of the Americas – Fundraising Gala

2009 – Natacha Fink –Chef/Owner- “Espirito Santa” – Rio de Janeiro

2012 – Alex Atala, – Chef/Owner – “D.O.M”  (The 9th best restaurant in the world to learn about the newest and most innovating ingredients in Brasil) –  Sao Paulo

2015 –   Rodrigo Oliveira – Chef/Owner “Mocoto” – Sao Paulo

2018 – Leo Paixao – Chef/Owner “Glouton” – Belo Horizonte