440 NW 11th St. Oklahoma City, OK
440 NW 11th St. Oklahoma City, OK


              It was a rough 2 months, staying at home and waiting to come back to work or so to say a “normal life.”  Not sure if we will ever get back to normal and honestly I am no longer sure what is normal, but one thing is for sure: We are doing everything we can to keep our business, customers and staff as safe as possible in order to provide an amazing experience with very little disruption and there are some rules that we must follow.

     When dinning with us, you’ll notice a greater distance between your table and the next one.

     The restaurant has been through a thorough deep cleaning process.

     Sanitizer stations are set up in multiple areas conveniently located around the restaurant.

     All staff members are screened for temperature and signs of illness before their shift.

      Masks and gloves are provided and mandatory as part of their uniform.

Reservations are highly recommended so that we may distance arrivals, and allow ample time for sanitation and to guarantee a safe table.

If you are not quite ready yet, we totally understand.  However, please consider take-out instead.  We are now partnered with Uber Eats & Postmates for a dining experience in your own home.

We are still learning the fluctuation of the business, and we are observing new hours for the month of June.

Monday:                                                         Closed

Lunch: Tuesday: 11 – 3 PM                     

Dinner:  Closed

Wednesday: 11-3Pm                                   

Dinner: Closed

Thursday:     11- 9 Pm                                 Happy Hour: Patio Downstairs: 2Pm – 5

Dinner: 4-9Pm

Friday:            11- 9 Pm                                 Happy Hour: Patio Downstairs:   2Pm – 5Pm

Dinner: 4-9pm

Saturday Brunch: 9:30 – 2 Pm –              Happy Hour: Patio Downstairs:   2Pm -5Pm

Dinner: 4-9Pm

Sunday Brunch: 9:30 – 2 Pm                   

Dinner – Closed

     Thank you, and stay safe,
       Ana, Mo and the staff


Cafe Do Brazil

Located in the heart of Midtown OKC, we offer a highly acclaimed regional Brasilian cuisine that combines flavor, uniqueness, and comfort. We offer an array of specialty drinks, a great selection of wines, and of course, a large variety of caipirinhas!

With a casual yet elegant ambiance, we have transformed the old Garrison funeral home into a Brasilian paradise!  (Click here for menu!)

Traditional dishes featuring all five regions, reflecting the country’s mix of native and immigration population, served in a casual elegant and yet comfortable setting.

    “An authentic gastronomic experience….

Certainly not a steak house.”


         LOCAL TUNES

No Brasilian experience is totally completed without fabulous music.

…..And you”ll always find some here.

                                   …Join us beginning in July: Friday, Saturday evenings,

                            or Sunday brunch to enjoy the beats of Bossa Nova

or Jazz with some of the best local musicians. Click for music calendar.